Why Patients Want Their Doctors to Embrace Digital Communication?

With the increased use of the internet and advancement in technology, you would think that medical practices now make use of improved digital communication methods. That administrative staff knows how to send text message appointment reminders and also use appointment reminder systems in the day-to-day operations. However, this is not the case in a larger percentage of medical practices across the country. This has had an impact on the quality and frequency of communication with patients.

Patients (both prospective and current) would like to communicate easily and more frequently with the doctor. They have questions to ask and matters on which to seek clarification. There is a call for doctors to digitize their healthcare facilities. In this article, we outline the different reasons that should encourage doctors to take upon this new role.

A change in preferences and tastes

Is there anyone in this current day and age who doesn’t own a smartphone or device? Well, there might be some but the percentage is in the single digits. Even those in the more rural parts of this country have and use smartphones. Under that, the public, and therefore patients, can be easily reached through their smart devices. Medical facilities should overhaul the system and use digital channels.

The use of digital channels will also reach out to the more influential millennial who prefer the use of texts and emails over phone calls. Research has been done over the years on this fact. Text messaging can convey a message just as efficiently as a phone call. In some cases (like the use of an email), the message is perceived to be an urgent one that needs immediate attention.

Efficiency in service

Digital channels make mass communication to be faster and quite efficient. Imagine a medical practice phone calling hundreds of patients to cancel appointments. The amount of workload on your staff will be quite overwhelming. However, with the use of an email or text messaging service, the same message can be communicated without changing the urgency or content of the message. Its adoption in your medical service allows you to boost the quality of service offered to your patients. The staff can focus their energy and attention on other critical parts of the medical practice.  


The benefits of a digital service to a company are simply revolutionary. For any medical company seeking to improve its service, the installation of digital communication channels is a must. The quality of your service delivery will improve exponentially. The brand of your medical practice will be perceived as forward-looking and you will be able to engage the new age of clients. Millennials and Generation Z are an important niche that considers the quality and type of service.

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