How to improve your kid’s sleep?

It is tough for mothers to manage the sleep of their children. A child’s discomfort while sleeping does affects not only the child but also affects his/her parents. Seeing a child disturbed throughout the night and knowing that your baby is not able to sleep correctly is a tension for parents. All parents want their baby to get the best of all things. From the best atmosphere, to the best facilities and the best health. A person’s health is significantly impacted by their sleep, and when it comes to babies, their health depends mostly on rest. If their sleep is not complete, they will feel cranky and will not be able to enjoy their day properly. One way to improve a kid’s sleep is by using kids weighted blanket. This article will now look upon the benefits of a weighted blanket and how it impacts a kid’s sleep.… Read more “How to improve your kid’s sleep?”

What Are the 10 Steps in the Medical Billing Process?

Medical billing process seems to be more complicated than it should be. It is simple and easy to understand the process. In this article, we will learn more about the medical billing process by breaking it down into ten steps that are easy to understand. Medical billing is the translation of healthcare records into a billing claim. A medical biller is responsible for all medical billing services and following claims to ensure reimbursement for services provided by the provider. Just like medical coding, medical billing might seem complicated, but it is a process that comprises ten simple steps. 1. Registration Documentation of the patient’s information. The patient provides personal information like name, contacts, current insurance card, insurance number, and medical history or reports. 2. Insurance verification The insurance information submitted by the patient at step one is verified. Insurance verification is done to ensure the patient is eligible to get services from the named provider. The services covered by the insurance company are determined. The biller checks for the insurance coverage to remove the doubts of what is covered by the insurance company. If the insurance doesn’t cover services, the biller makes the patients aware that they will pay the entire bill. 3. Patient check-in and check out Patients are asked to fill out some forms. If it is their first time, step 1 (Registration) comes in. If it isn’t the first time, the patient is asked to provide a… Read more “What Are the 10 Steps in the Medical Billing Process?”