Harmful Ingredients Hiding In Your Deodorant

We all agree no one would want a bad odor due to natural body activities. At times after taking a long walk on a sunny day or working the whole day can make us sweat. Taking a shower only is not enough to guarantee that we will have good body scents. This is why most of us choose products from deodorant brands such as https://www.aktlondon.com/.

Since the year 1888 when the first deodorant was invented, modifications of the product have come a long way. Unfortunately, a lot of chemicals have been introduced into the product leading to fateful diseases and body complications. The good news is, natural deodorants have been introduced to the market and are safer compared to chemical-based products.

Do you take time to go through the list of ingredients used to make your favorite deodorant? At times the words are too complex for you to barely understand what they mean. You however go ahead and purchase the product because it makes you sweat less and smell good the whole day. Consider using a product that has few natural ingredients that you know will not be harmful to your body.

Aluminum and its compounds 

The most common ingredient you will come across in all deodorants is aluminum. Some brands use aluminum compounds such as aluminum zirconium and aluminum chloralhydrate.

Aluminum is known to clog sweat ducts in the body that allow perspiration by allowing sweat out of the body. When applying deodorant to your skin, the compounds are absorbed into the body through the small pores and cause harm to your body.

Frequent use of aluminum leads to the dysfunctional neural and nervous system commonly known as neurotoxicity. This later leads to pain insensitivity an inability to deliberately move your muscles.

To pregnant and lactating mothers, it leads to slow growth of brain cells in their children leading to slow growth in children. In adults, it leads to Alzheimer’s disease that is associated with memory loss. One starts to defamiliarize with the environment and earlier experiences.


On the list of ingredients, you will notice some compounds such as propyl, methyl, and butyl. They are added to cosmetic products to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

These compounds disrupt body hormones by mimicking estrogen, triggering harm in the body by affecting fertility and reproductive organs. By affecting the breast organs, the body makes changes in the tissue causing cancer.

Do you at times notice your skin is dry and scaly after using deodorants? Parabens cause the skin to itch, be dry and develop dead skin-like particles. How about you consider natural deodorants for a change?

Many other harmful components are found in deodorants and this affects our health without us knowing. However, https://www.aktlondon.com/ has natural deodorants that are friendly to the body and still have effects of making us not have sweat odor. Visit the brand and make a change on the products you use for your health and make life worth living.

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