Top Instagram Algorithm Hacks For Explosive Growth

Those of us who want to grow our Instagram accounts often check if the number of followers has increased. Considering the current global pandemic, you can just channel cash to your pockets thanks to your social media accounts. If you however struggle with attracting more followers, then you should read this guide and take out some useful tips.

Like any other developed app by computer scientists, algorithms work behind the scenes to determine the type of content you post and the traffic. When using your account, you will realize if you often like posts related to pets, you will get several of these on your page. So, how do you take advantage of algorithms to grow your account?

Consistent posting

It is hard to post content constantly and have few followers. This is a trick I have learned with a lot of regular accounts. Unlike celebrities that can have 50 posts and have 500,000 followers, you need to put effort into your account for growth.

This could mean you schedule what to post at a particular day and time. If you are a fashion model, post one photo on Monday and maybe two others on Wednesday. This will give a follow to your account and will help attract more people to your content.

Relevant hashtags

Have you heard of the hashtag movement? Go with what is trendy at the moment. Most people using the hashtag or viewing the hashtag are likely to click on your profile and follow you.

If you are an influencer, you can use your name as a hashtag or the brand you are marketing. Also, on your profile, you can add the hashtag for redirects from the people using it.

Be content specific

This is the part you are advised not to be a jack-of-all-trades. If you are keen enough, you will notice well-developed accounts are content specific. If someone posts about the environment, they will attract followers who are enthusiastic about the environment.

To attract an audience, go with one line of the content. Do not be the kind today you are in politics, the other day you are in charity and so forth. Note, however, that personal accounts can be as diversified as possible.

Use trendy content

Numbers are higher with the content being talked about at a specific time. Time-sensitive in other words. For example, if it is summertime, post content about summer activities and places people can visit during this time.

A lot of people will be interacting with content related to summer and this is where you gain more followers.

Engage people

Use poll questions to improve interaction with your users. This way, the algorithms will recommend your content to the search page and when someone clicks on the content and finds it interesting, one activity leads to another.

Someone will want to see what more content is posted relating to what is there. They will click on your profile and if contented with the available content, you will have more followers.

In conclusion, it is a nice idea to learn how algorithms work in recommending our content or promoting our accounts.

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