How much does it cost to boost a post on Instagram?

With billions of users on Instagram on a daily basis and millions of brands, your brand is going to be lost in a sea of videos, posts, and boomerangs. You have to make your brand stand out. The one and sure method of promoting your goods and services in any market is through advertisement. And just like in the physical world where you would have to pay to have your content on a billboard, Instagram provides such an option for its users. And of course, this advertisement and Instagram growth services come at a small fee depending on certain variables.

Read on to budget how much you will need for your next boost when advertising your wares and merchandise on Instagram.

Instagram’s typical costing models

Before we step into the pricing figures, there is a need for you to understand the two common advertising models that Instagram uses to cost for every post that is boosted on their platform. The paid advertising terms used are Cost Per Click and Cost Per Mile.

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click (CPC) is where you as the advertiser will pay Instagram an agreed-upon cost for every click on the boosted post or ad. For the cost per click model, you will find oneself paying between $ 0.3 to $ 2 for every click.

The main benefit of using the CPC advertising model is that it allows the business to obtain metrics on your advertising campaigns. How many users or Instagram accounts have viewed our boosted content? That is the answer you will get from every payment to the platform.

Cost Per Mile

Also known as Cost per Thousand, Cost per Mile is an advertising tool that charges for every one thousand clicks of the boosted ad. For those who prefer the CPM model, you may find yourself parting with about $5 to $6 averagely for every one thousand clicks

Cost per mile is considered the best model for boosting an advertising model focused on brand and image awareness. On the sour side of things, using the cost per mile advertising model also comes with its own disadvantages. The model is faulted for inaccurate counting due to duplicate views by the same users and incomplete loading of ads once clicked upon.

The end-game

While you might be able to afford the cost of boosting your ads on a periodic basis, the key of it all is to gain critical information from Instagram. Instagram advertisement always gives you the option of fine-tuning the details of your audience with regards to age and location. Gather intel from this continuous boosting of your product on the platform so as to be able to strategize better in the future and get value for your money.

Get value for your money with every dollar you spend for boosting your Instagram content.

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