More People are Interested in Flying Private Planes in the Pandemic

The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus created an unprecedented and uncalled for situation that left millions of people helpless and adversely affected thousands of businesses throughout the world. Since the virus spreads like wildfire due to human contact, it is important to remain in a disinfected and clean environment so that you are as farther away from the virus as possible. As per the directions of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is important to remain at least 6 feet apart from one another, avoid public gatherings, and continuously disinfect yourself and your surroundings. In accordance with this, many people have prohibited the use of public transport as well. This is why many commercial air flights have seen a sudden decrease in passenger count.

According to different reports and studies, people who can afford the luxury of owning or traveling in a private plane prefer to do so especially in the current situation. This is because they feel that the chances of contracting the virus on private flights are much lesser than on commercial flights. For people who do not have their own jets or private planes, the option of chartering the plane is always on the cards. This can be done by visiting different sites like to get the opportunity of booking a private flight on a private plane.

Why is it safe to travel on private planes?

Seeing the current situation, the question arises that why are private planes safer to travel on these days? The answer to this question is actually very simple. The answer can be broken down into different factors, all of which are described in detail below.

Fewer people equals fewer chances of contracting the virus

The spread of the coronavirus is through human contact. Therefore, one must be very careful with regard to his/her surroundings. The more people there are in a crowd, the greater the chances are that someone is a carrier of the virus. The advantage with private jets is that there are already very few people on board. This automatically reduces the risk of getting the virus. Another major point is that the passengers onboard a private plane are usually the ones that know each other very well. So everyone is aware whether or not they are carriers of the deadly virus.

Private planes are easy to disinfect

Obviously, private jets are much smaller in size compared to commercial airplanes. This means that these private jets can be more thoroughly and carefully disinfected. The staff is very particular about making sure that the environment is clean, safe, and secure so that the passengers do not have the fear of contracting the virus.

SOPs are easier to follow

Again because of the fact that there are fewer people on board, following and respecting the SOPs is much easier. This means that the extent to which people will be careful on a private plane is much greater than compared to people on commercial flights. This means that there are ultimately fewer chances of getting infected with the coronavirus.

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