What is Smart Wallet App?

Do you wish to change the way you do your payments? It’s now very possible to buy or even pay directly using your mobile phone at the comfort of your house! There are really very many benefits that you really get when you choose to use the smart wallet app for your payments! This amazing smart wallet app will work well with smart-phones such as the Android and also the IOS phones. Plans are underway to have this feature installed in Nokia and also the Blackberry phones!
What Can it Do?

The smart wallet will really help you do a lot of tasks in the simplest way possible! The leading functions of the smart wallet app include;

  • You can also easily buy goods from the merchants easily’
  • Any kind of bill payments will be also done by the app
  • You may also use it to top up your line or even recharge a prepaid account.
  • You can also use the app to deposit or withdraw money through retailers or even ATMs.
  • Can also allow you to easily do the balance inquiry
  • You can also load your wallet with the CIB debit or credit card
  • Can also list your favorites in a handy way so that you have an easy time accessing your constantly used sites.
  • Benefits of Using the Smart Wallet App

There are really very many benefits that we get when we use the smart app. The leading ones include;

  • You can easily create your wallet account using the CIB account using your phone
  • You will always have the greatest convenience when you decide to withdraw or deposit money using any CIB accounts
  • You can easily deposit money into your wallet
  • It’s now possible to all kinds of bill paying with the greatest convenience when you have this amazing app in your phone
  • It’s now very possible to do the purchase of goods from the listed merchants conveniently

How Do I Register For The Service?

The process is really very simple. Start by visiting the nearest CIB branch so that you can initiate the registration plan.

  • Start by filling in a registration form where the data will be filled in the system by the representative.
  • When the data has been entered in the system, you will receive an SMS that contains an instruction that will ask you to download the URL and the activation code
  • You will then be instructed to download the app
  • After successfully downloading the app, you will be required to enter your registered number then accept the terms and conditions
  • The next step is to enter the activation code received by SMS.
  • You will then initiate the 6 digits M-PIN
  • After completing this procedure, your smart wallet app is now ready for use!


To conclude with, the smart wallet app is really the amazing app that you really need to have for the greatest convenience when it comes to payments! Life is really simple with this amazing smart wallet app!

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