What are the advantages of Virtual Visits vs. In-person Ones?

As a medical practitioner or small clinic that is starting out, you will always choose a particular style of communicating or receiving patients. Whatever method you prefer, you should optimize the patient preferred method that meets your patients’ needs.

In this blog, we will be discussing the two common options, one-on-one contact i.e. in-person visits and virtual visits.

Advantages of Virtual Visits


The adaptation of technology is the major reason why millennials love the Informational Age Lifestyle. The “goodness” about technology is that it is available, convenient and if you are lucky, it is free. Professional medical websites are a product of the technological evolution in the current era and have helped the process of appointment scheduling, medical billing, and insurance claims and reimbursements.

Fewer chances of contracting a new illness

Apart from the Covid-19, we can say that there are other diseases in a health care facility that can be contracted without trying. They include flu, influenza, meningitis or pertussis. Eliminating this tragedy will help the medical practitioner to reduce the amount of workload. The free time can be used to do deeper research or spend time with family or hobbies they have always craved for.

Remote monitoring

This involves the use of gadgets such as Heart Rate Monitors, Electrocardiography, Digital Blood Pressure Monitors, and other Remote Patient Monitoring devices and trends. This burst in use of devices has reduced costs and improved outcomes over the years because of the data-driven research offered seamlessly to physicians and other medical experts.

Expanded reach

Virtual visits mean you can reach many clients in a day, more than you can ever do in a week. Patients operate on different schedules and will allocate different time periods at different times of the day. Knowing this means you will not have to move from where you were but speak and engage with as many clients as you wish. Your clients will appreciate your extended reach to areas that are quite far or a bit rural.

Advantages of in-person visits

The human touch

In-person visits are the best way to improve human touch. Speaking over the phone or e-mail reduces the amount of “human interaction” that you might perceive. There won’t be any language, hand gestures, or eye movement involved. It will be vague. Although, this type of meeting has challenges across various platforms- geographically, socially, or logistically-, it tends to pay off in the long term.

The client or patient will be greatly moved by your concern and will work with you and your organization for a greater portion of their life.

Clarity and the ability to move forward

Phone calls and e-mail have the most dreadful association since they are more likely to be tailored and have certain deadlines to them.  Personal visits deliver firsthand feedback between the two parties, as each can “read” in between the non-verbal part of their communication. This means that we are able to come to a conclusion faster without interruption or unplanned pauses.

Better productivity, focus, and engagement

The talking person in front of us forces us to become engaged by responding to thoughts, words, and feelings. Virtual visits through professional medical websites can be great but usually offer a distracting option. We all know that where our focus goes, our energy flows. When we put our focus on the other, we will be able at a much deeper level and create an optimal client experience.

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