Top Anti-Viral Supplements to Boost Immunity

Anti-viral supplements are supplements directed against viruses. They are used to suppress viruses and help the body develop immunity against the same. They also have other benefits in the body such as reducing inflammatory, helping in healing wounds, and improving respiratory functioning.

Below are some anti-viral supplements one can use to boost immunity.

Vitamin C

Mainly found in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. The production of ascorbic acid is essential in boosting the immunity of the body, which in turn helps fight pathogens in the body. It is also an effective oxidant, as it helps eliminate free radicals.

Did you know cancer is caused by radical accumulation in the body? But when you use anti-oxidants frequently, you decrease the chances of getting cancer.

Vitamin C can also be given as an over-the-counter supplement in the form of tablets or syrup.

Green tea extract

You have heard people frequently recommend green tea. It should be included in your diet as it is a good anti-oxidant. On the other hand, it helps fight viral infections by interfering with the primary development of an infection.

On top of fighting infections at an early stage, it is also effective in weight management, especially in women. It improves the respiration process of the body, leading to the burning of extra fat in the body.

Vitamin D

One of the easiest vitamins to acquire is vitamin D. Basking in the sun for 5 to 10 mins is an effective method. Note however one is encouraged to bask in the morning sun not when the sun is too hot such as in the afternoon as one can get sunburns.

Vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning it works on improving general body immunity. It also facilitates the absorption of phosphorus, jod, and calcium that in turn helps balance the normal immune system.


Present in red and white meat, baked beans, and greens such as spinach. Zinc is important in the production of new body cells, such as proliferating cells. Adequate intake of zinc has other benefits in the body such as healing of wounds, development of DNA in pregnant mothers and children.

Did you know zinc works to fight off respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, flu, and coronavirus? Old people are especially encouraged to consume meals that boost zinc levels in their bodies.

Basil leaves

Some of us include basil leaves in our diets without knowing their importance in our bodies. Basil leaves can either be consumed raw by chewing or cooked in food together with other ingredients.

Compounds responsible for fighting viruses and infections such as apigenin are proven to be present in basil.

Other benefits of taking basil compounds are, soothing the inner walls of the stomach in case one is suffering from ulcers or excess production of hydrochloric acid. It also helps in excess weight loss, leading to a healthy functioning heart and clear blood vessels.

In conclusion, a lot of supplements boost one’s immunity if taken in the right amount. It is important that you however consult a doctor before administering supplements to your diet.

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