How much does it cost to park at the Airport for a week?

Most of the time passenger face difficulty in catching up their flight due to severe parking problems. They have to park at a distance and walk through the parking lot and thus miss their flights. Sometimes after hectic long flight passengers feel exhausted and they look for all the possible convenience they can have in parking. Those travelers who travel on a daily basis face this situation more often. Airport Hotel parking is usually very expensive but they are very safe and secure. So, it is better if passengers book there parking in advance. Even this in some situations gets difficult like on special events, Airport authorities stop booking advance parking or charge more for it. Airport parking serves a convenient way for travelers.

Even some airports have different packages for their parking. They offer different types of parking based on their customers’ needs. Sometimes offshore parking serves more conveniently than airport parking. Offshore parking is parking outside but nearer to the airport by some private investors. They offer more luxuries like valet parking, car wash, oil change, luggage carriers, and a lot more. Some people found them very comfortable as they don’t have to face the trouble of carrying luggage through crowdie lots. However, these private investors usually charge more for their services but they are best for peak times or heavy rush times. Below are discussed some parking fees of Airports like Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, Perth Airport, and Richmond Airport parking fees.

Cost of parking at the Airport for a week:

Adelaide Airport parking: Its 5th busiest airport in Australia and serves more than 10 million passengers. It costs $70 for one-week parking.

Brisbane Airport parking:  Brisbane International Airport is Queensland’s largest airport. It serves both international and domestic flights. It costs $140 for 1-week domestic flights and $99 for 1-week International flights.

Melbourne Airport parking: It is the second busiest airport in Australia and it costs $109 for one-week parking.

Perth Airport parking: It is the fourth largest airport in Australia and is located at a distance of 12km from the city area. It’s parking services cost $80 for one week.

Sydney Airport parking: The main Airport of Sydney is Kingsford Smith Airport and it is the oldest commercial Airport of the World.  Parking here costs $152 for one week.

Richmond Airport parking: Richmond International Airport is the third busiest airport in the region and the cost of self-parking for a week is $84.


Before booking parking at any airport you need to look for the coupon or vouchers they offering. Usually, most of the airports offer discount vouchers for passenger’s convenience. Also, at peak time you must book your parking before time to avoid inconvenience. Most of the Airports provide more than one parking plan, go through them before deciding what the best is for you. For offshore parking, look keenly into authentic sites for bookings to avoid scams or bribes. 

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