How do you become Instagram famous?

Fame is something that brings with it both positive and negative aspects. If it makes you famous and known, it also brings certain responsibilities on your shoulders. When people look at someone famous in some way, they tend to idealize them and follow them in their lives. When you work on Instagram, the way of getting famous is by getting more followers. The question that arises is how to grow your Instagram followers? There are many ways of getting famous on Instagram, some of which are posting good quality content (like pictures and videos), using hashtags under the posts, utilizing the features of Instagram stories and live videos, etc.


Ways of growing Instagram followers

Growing Instagram followers is no easy task. It requires high levels of devotion and patience. Followers do not grow overnight. It is a process that is time-consuming and slow. People would follow you when they find your content to be useful or something that they can relate to in their everyday lives. One way to attract people towards your profile (either business or influential) is to post good quality pictures. Pictures or videos shall be attractive so that people visiting your profile feel the need to stay and open and view your pictures and like them. The location and editing of the pictures matter a lot as people would not like to see the full content. Using bright colors, lighting, and props in the pictures would also develop the interest of viewers in your profile.

The time at which you also post matters, it shall be a time when most people are expected to be using Instagram, for example, if you post at 8-9 a.m you would not get much activity on the post because at that time most people are either sleeping or getting ready for office or school. On the other hand, if you post a picture at 9 p.m it would be likely to indulge more people because that’s the time when people are free from all chores.

Another way of attracting more followers and becoming famous on Instagram is by using thoughtful captions and hashtags under the posts. When it comes to captions, they should be neither too short nor too long that they get boring to read.

Staying active on the Instagram profile is also very important. Commenting on any pressing issues of society or sharing your views or opinions about them also draws people’s attention towards you.



After analyzing some of the most important ways of increasing followers, it can be easily said that to be famous hard work is needed. You need to find ideas and ways in which you can draw the attention of your possible following age group. You need to know what is happening in society so that you can plan your profile according to that. All the methods mentioned above would get you more followers and make you famous in the long run.

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