Can you stop a father from seeing his child?

Marriage is one of the best things that can happen in a human being’s life. Marriages are often born out of love by two individuals usually of the opposite sex. This love can be born out of feelings of intimacy and other emotional entanglements between the parties. However, it is important to note that these feelings might likely change later on. This will often lead to a divorce which in most cases, would orchestrate a lot of issues which may be unpleasant to any of the parties. The divorce cases are usually settled in the courts where the parties have to come and lay out their grievances with the help of a lawyer. Most of the divorce cases are handled by a matrimonial lawyer. One of the issues that usually come up in divorce cases is the custody of the children if the marriage produced children. In as much as the law always allows the woman to have the custody of the child, it is good to note that there are orders that are given by courts on the time a father should spend with his child even after the divorce.

Circumstances where the court restricts a father from seeing his child

1. Bad or questionable character of the father

This is one of the reasons why a court might give an order restraining a father from seeing his child. If the father constantly exhibits some sign of violence or irresponsibility which the court believes will negatively affect the morals and upbringing of the child, they might restrict the father from further interaction with the child.

2. Distance

There are instances where it has been understood that due to distance and complexities in certain environments, the father is hindered from seeing his child. This may not be deliberate but as a result of circumstances surrounding the case.

Negative effects of separation of the father from a child

1. Psychological impediment

This is one of the dangers of restricting a father from seeing his child. The child will likely grow up with a different mindset about people, especially without a father to serve as his first mentor and role model.

2. Poor upbringing

This only applies in certain circumstances wherein the mother may be wayward and not a disciplinarian. She might allow the boy to go astray but if there is a presence of a father, this would be different.

3. Isolation

When the child does not see his or her father for a long period of time, this will lead to isolation or formation of a habit of seclusion. This is usually the case when the child is often exposed to discussions with his peers on fathers and the roles they play.

In conclusion, it needs to be noted that whatever might be the situation, the separation of a father from a child might be a serious issue. But with the help of a good matrimonial lawyer that can be able to argue for the father’s right to see his child, the court will surely consider the facts of the situation.

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