Who is buried in Key West Cemetery?

Everyone becomes eager to know why things happen the way they are seen. I know you have very many questions on your mind of what could be unique with the Key West cemetery found in Key West Florida.

Furthermore, you would also like to know why Africans are the most people who normally travel to Key West for memorial reasons and why it is the most remembered place or burial site to the Africans. What I can tell you is that; you can be able to really know why it happens by tracing back the history of America on slavery and civil war Especially North America.

The reason why Key West cemetery is remembered

When you read very well the history of America, especially from 1825-1860s, there existed slavery where many Africans were shipped across the seas to work on the plantations of the whites. There existed a tower made up of 15 lamps called the Key West lighthouse which was headed by Michael Mabrity who later passed on, and remained at the hands of his widow Mrs. Barbara Mabrity. The house was meant to provide light to the sealers across the sea but later it was confiscated by the Union association after shooting the lady dead.

After that period and the outbreak of the civil war, there were a number of deaths which were really heartbreaking. African slaves were shipped with the absence of light hence hit by hurricanes leading to the death of over 30000 people who were buried in the Key West cemetery.

How to reach Key West Cemetery

Visiting of the cemetery is mostly done in June where people organize there move to Key West in Florida to spend their leisure time and commemorate those people who are buried there. However, it becomes easier if you know someone in Key West who can provide you with multiple connections and also guide you on entering the cemetery. The cost of transport varies depending on the location and the period; however, it is cheaper in June and may explain why it is mostly done in June.

Interesting features with the Key West Cemetery

Visiting Key West cemetery can be a source of enjoyment and the best leisure time you would have for the rest of your life. The place is very organized and built like a city using over 100,000 graves which are well decorated and designed with the name s of the people since 1847, the period when it was constructed. The cemetery attracts a number of different bird species which flies and also land on the graves at any time providing the good aesthetic environment.


Key West cemetery, though sometimes make some people cry if they remember of their dear ones who passed away especially during the time of slavery and civil war, mostly is a place of joy to them who really know how to enjoy their leisure time, that is those interest in seeing different designs, art crafts and bird watching. So if you happen to get a chance of going their go and get the perfect memories you will ever have for the rest of your life.

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