Common Side Effects of Using a BiPAP Machine

Do you have a dry or stuffy nose right now? Are these adverse effects of utilizing a BiPAP device? If you currently use a BiPAP device or have been recommended, you may have these concerns. You can find the solutions in the article below. The following article further discusses the possible negative consequences of excessive reliance on a BiPAP machine.

Discomfort from mask and tubing


Sometimes, using a nasal mask while attempting to sleep might make you feel generally uncomfortable. The mask might initially feel thick and constricting, and the tubing may make it difficult to sleep in postures apart from your back. Trying to breathe may also be problematic if the pressure of the BiPAP device is on the higher side. Click on the link to look at the home concentrators by No Insurance Medical Supplies, where you can find masks and devices for breathing.


Due to its tight grip around the nose, the BiPAP machine nasal mask may cause claustrophobia in certain people. When wearing a full-face mask that closes across your nose and mouth, this sensation may get worse. The user may take some time before they get used to the feeling. It is advised to buy an aftermarket nasal mask that can work with your BiPAP machine, which feels airier and less tight on your face to reduce the claustrophobic feeling.

Dryness of mouth

BiPAP treatment is a typical adverse effect for people using masks that cover the face. The problem can be minimized if the user takes breaks utilizing the machine at night. Also, a person can buy a BiPAP machine with an inbuilt humidifier to keep your mouth moist even when using it excessively.



Another frequently reported side effect includes having a clogged or dry nose. It occurs due to the device’s air blowing inside the users’ airways. Continual air pressure can also result in nosebleeds for the users, so excessive usage should be avoided.

Facial bruising

The mask may produce redness and wrinkling if too tightly fitted. Try releasing the pressure of the mask on your face to see if it helps. If the first approach doesn’t work, you may also use mask liners. If the issue persists, it’s recommended to consider a different dimension or design of the nasal mask.

Masks leak

The mask will begin to leak if it is unsecured. It prevents the device from applying the necessary air pressure and may impact overall respiration. It’s crucial to wear a face mask that is well adjusted and fastened on your face.


The feeling is brought on by breathing in too much air. Additionally, a bloated stomach might result in pains and discomfort, and the patient may vomit if used excessively. It is the only slightly serious side effect of using a BiPAP machine, as the ones already explained in the article are very mild.

If you notice these adverse reactions, speak with your doctor about your condition. A mask that is appropriately suited to both mouth and nose can often be procured, and alterations can be done to lessen several negative impacts of using the BiPAP machines.

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