Are Airport Parking Lots Safe?

Any international-standard airport has a parking lot that is reserved for anyone that wishes to leave their vehicles there as they explore the city or country further. These airport parking lots are especially lauded for their affordability especially if you are on an extended tour. Airport parking slots are ingenuously designed and conveniently located.

This is why airports such as the Denver International Airport can still manage to efficiently handle both flight and vehicle traffic despite their high level of activity in there. This video will help paint a clearer picture at the DIA airport. But how safe is airport parking? That shall form the focus of our post.

How Safe Is Airport Parking?

How we answer this question depends on the aspects of safety we consider.

As we have already mentioned, parking at airport slots is more ideal if you are visiting the city or country on an extended stay. Of course, you can look at this from a more financial angle, since airports charge significantly lower than what most garages charge. But in terms of security, the converse is true. Your vehicle is likely to be safer at an airport when you park it for a short period of time.

Vehicles that stay for longer durations can be marked by criminal elements and broken into. As a result you might lose your car’s valuable. It is important to remember that many airports do not offer insurance against car theft or damages. Therefore, your only recourse will be your insurer, but then again, that will depend on the policy you took up for your car.

Another reason why airport parking may not be safe is due to the crowding witnessed in certain airports such as the Denver-International Airport

Crowded airports could prove unsafe for your car in two ways. First, depending on where you park, your car could suffer dents and scratches from other cars.

Also, it could become easy target for burglars. If you must leave your car in an airport parking slot, experts recommend parking in well-lit areas as that will deter criminal elements from taking their chances with your vehicle. And if you are leaving anything valuable in your truck, ensure you park with the trunk out as opposed to keeping it hidden. Last but not least, park in view of, or close to exit toll booths. This will make your driving out of the airport hassle-free when your stay is over.

Last and perhaps the most serious danger your car could face at an airport is terrorist attacks. It is important to remember that airports are some of the prime targets for terrorist attacks. Therefore, leaving your car at an airport, no matter how guarded the airport is, is exposing it to possible damage in the event these attacks occur. Again, if you did not have the right insurance cover and such eventualities occur, you might lose your car forever.


In conclusion, the safety of your car at an airport depends on the amount of time you wish to have it stay there.

Shorter duration is fine, but extended airport parking could prove dangerous for your vehicle.

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